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lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

Ríos de Francia

La Seine
La Seine est un fleuve française, long du 776,6 kilométres qui arrive pour Paris, Le Havre et Rouen. Sa source se situe à 446 métres d'altitude. Son cours a une orietation générale du sud-est au nord-ouest. Le naissance c'est le source-seine, et déboucher dans le Canal de la Manche.
Le Loire
Le Loire est un fleuve française, long du 1.006 kilométres qui arrive pour Nantes, Tours, Orleans, Saumur, Saint-Nazaire, Blois, Amboise, Le Pui-en Velay, Ancenis et Nevers, entre autres. Sa source se situe à 1.408 métres d'altitude. Son cours a une orietation générale du nord-est. Le naissance c'est le Mont Gerbier de Jonc, et déboucher dans le océan Atlantique.
La Garonne
La Garonne est un fleuve française, long du 647 kilométres qui arrive pour Toulouse, Burdeos, Agén, Marmande, Muret, Saint-Gaudens et Blaye, entre autres. Sa source se situe à 2.580 métres d'altitude. Son cours a une orietation générale du sud-est. Le naissance c'ést le Pic d'Aneto, et déboucher dans le Golfe de Casconge et le océan Atlantique.
Le Rhône
Le Rhône est un fleuve française, long du 812 kilométres qui arrive pour France et Suisse. Sa source se situe à 2.209 métres d'altitude. Son cours a une orientation générale du nord-est. Le naissance c'est le glacier du Rhône, et déboucher dans le Mer Méditerranée.
Le Rhin
Le Rhin est un fleuve française, long du 1.233 kilométres qui arrive pour Colonia, Düsseldorf, Coblenza, Estrasburgo et Maguncia, entre autres. Sa souce se situe à 2.346 métres d'altitude. Son cours a une orietation générale du nord-est. Le naissance c'est le Lac de Toma, et déboucher dans le mer du Nord.

Entrada blog

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Luna, je 12 ans . Ma anniversaire est le 12 Novembre et ma signe du zodiaque est scorpion.
Je vivant en Salobrena, un petit ville di Granada. Je suis haut, cuir marron, je ai glasses, je suis un peu timide et drôle. Ma coulerue préféfé est le bleu. Ma look est fortuite et informel.
Je adore le livres, le comic, le jeux vidéo et dessiner manga. Je aime dessiner comics, faire ma soeur du le jeux vidéo et ma sport préféré son la natation, le ski et faire du rolller. Je destéste courir, le football et la violence.

Presentación de un amigo

Presentation de un amigue

Bonjour! Aujourd'hui je vais parler mon meilleure ami.

C'est mon ami Juliette. Elle vie en Salobrena et avez 15 ans. Elle est haut et cuir marron et elle est très timide et sympatique. Son look est géniales. J'adore le chaussures de sport qui porte. Elle adore la musique, la dance, le pizza et le glace. Elle aime lire livres et jouer le jeux vidèo. Elle deteste courir, mais elle aime le basket.

En le vacance, elle voir sa famille et va a la plage.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso was an artist and a sculptor.
Picasso was born the 25 October 1881 in Málaga, Spain. His father, José Ruiz Blasco, was teacher in the Fine Arts School of this city.

He moves several times during his life, at the beginning with his family went to la Coruna in 1891, and in 1895 was translated with his family to Barcelona. Later spend some time in Madrid

When he is just 10 years old did his first paintings. He goes to the Fine Art School when he is 15 years old. He reaches the school with the drawing “Ciencia y Caridad” (1897, Picasso Museum Barcelona)

Finally, in 1904, Picasso translated to Paris and he did establish his study in the rivers of the Seine. When he met his first girlfriend, all his paint become red and pink, and open a new style for him that is known like “pink period”. Most of his work in this period was focus on the circus, like “Familia de acróbatas” (1905, National Gallery, Washington)

In 1906, during a period in Andorra, he changes his style for the influence of the Greek, Iberian and African art. He changes the face for a mask. The main work in this period is “Las señoritas de Aviñón” (1907, Modern Art Museum, New York)

From this style, he began to paint landscapes using small cubes, and that was the origin of the term “cubism”. During this period, he mixed the cubism with the monochromes, like in “Arlequin” (1915, Pompidou Paris)

Really Picasso has a long list of important painting, probably one of the most famous example is “El Guernica” (1937, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía)).
He created the many original styles of painting, for example the cubism that we have told before, and a new type the sculpture, the "Mediterranean origins".
In 1973 he dies in the castle of Vouvenargues, when he was still working till the last day.

Writting animal inglés

Arctic Fox
The arctic fox is a little mammal.

This specie lives in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia and Iceland; in the zone of tundra, especially in meadow. So really in very cold places, but they prefer where the snow is not so deep. That give an interesting advantage to them, usually there are no humans near.

This animal sizes 2.9 to 9.5 kilograms, is 25 to 30 centimetres tall to the shoulder and is 80 to 110 centimetres long. Usually males are higher than females.

Their colour is one of the main characteristic, during the winter is white and brown or grey in spring or summer. This is an adaptation to survive, because they adapt their colour to hide better in the snow or without it, that’s depending of the season and the main colour in their habitat.

They have a really thick skin, that protect them in the very cold environment where they live. This skin is present also in their feet, that’s to allow them to walk in the snow without freeze.

Other characteristic very interesting is their ears (long and pointed) and their sniffer’s nose, that allow them hunt during the night (because they are nocturnal)

Arctic foxes are a very social, their behaviour is different from another foxes (usually alone).

Living in such cold environment, they need to be really good in hunting all kind of small mammals. An arctic fox can hear their prey under the snow, then it jumps over them. They principally eat lemming, and sometimes seals and fish.

Their period of gestation is 52 days, and a female can have till 25 puppies (over the other fox types). That’s because usually dies more than in the other types due to the cold environment where they live.

sábado, 11 de marzo de 2017

Description to a photo


My Holiday in Pyrenees

This is a photo from my holiday in Pyrenees. It's a fantastic place. Pyrenees separates Spain from France and there is a great biodiversity. This is Jungle of Oza, a tirolinas park. I had a lot of fun there.

Those are my father, my sister and me. My father was 43 years old, my sister  9 years old and I was 11 years old. My mother was taking photos because she was scared about the height. 
It was hot there. We are wearing shorts, T-shirts and hats. That day was one of the most extiting of my holidays. I always remember that.